What the Law Says About Gun Safes

Have you ever wondered what the law says about gun safes? If so, then you are not alone. Many gun owners wonder this very same thing. Gun storage laws are actually in effect in most of the states in the United States to help prevent accidents, especially in homes that have children. The Federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, or the ATF, has a mandate in effect that requires firearms to be secured in a gun safe, or have a trigger lock to prevent accidental firing. This is something that selling establishments must abide by.

Notices to the Public

In Texas, and several other states, firearm selling facilities must have a sign up that lets people know the laws about safe gun storage. While the statement may vary from one state to the next, it basically says that it is not lawful for guns to be stored, transported or abandoned unsecured in places that children may be able to get access to them. This is really important  because some people underestimate this.

There are even some states, such as New York, that require people that sell firearms to come equipped with a locking device, such as a trigger lock or a cable lock. This lock has to be provided at the point of sale, but it doesn’t have to be installed on the device. This is a law that is only in effect for retailers and consumers, not dealers.

The buyers are not actually required to use these safety mechanisms, but it is highly recommended that they do so. The gun owners should talk to the local law enforcement officials in their area to see if there are other ordinances that may apply to them. There are also some codes that make it a crime that is punishable with jail time and fines for people to store their guns without first making them inoperable by using these safety mechanisms.

When looking into what the law says about gun safes, you don’t necessarily have to use these types of locking mechanisms. You can, if you prefer, choose to keep your guns in a gun safe. This is a great option for some people, and it allows you to keep other valuable safe and secure as well.

What Can Happen If You Don’t Store Your Gun Properly

If you don’t store your gun properly, then you may be held liable if an accident or injury were to occur. When children get access to guns and are unsupervised, this is really just a recipe for disaster. This can lead to fines, jail time, and imprisonment in cases in which a child gets hurt! This can all be avoided by placing your guns into a gun safe.

Some states have regulations that not only apply to storing guns in your home as well as in your vehicle. Florida is among the states that have this type of law in effect. They state that you have to keep your firearms safe, whether you are in your home or your car. If you don’t then you could be spent 60 days in jail, and be assessed $1000 or more in fines. This is something that can all be avoided as well, with the use of a gun safe or other locking mechanisms.

Other Laws Gun Owners Should Be Aware Of

Most states will require firearms to be stored safely at all times. Through the use of locking safety devices and firearm safes, they can regulate the safety of guns. The problem is, you might even have to prove to that you either have a locking device or a gun safe that meets the regulatory standards that have been set forth by the law. There are certain types of devices that are approved, which can be found on the website of the Department of Justice.

Can What the Law Says About Gun Safes Change?

One of the questions that many of the people have about what the law says about gun safes is whether or not it can change. The answer is yes, it can change constantly. In fact, there are always new laws and regulations being put into place that trump the previous laws and regulations. It seems that they are trying to more strict as the days go on, because there are so many horror stories of children getting hurt because guns are left unsecured. This never has to be the case. It is really important to keep up with the changes that are made by talking to members of your local law enforcement. This will keep you updated with new gun storage laws as they arise in your state.

The Benefits of Using a Gun Safe

Aside from staying within the parameters of the law, there are other benefits that come along from using gun safes. These include:

  • Protection for your gun
  • Protection for your family
  • Protection of your valuables

This day and age, gun safes are not just used to protect your guns! You can really store a whole lot in this type of safe, including important documents, jewelry, and other valuables that you own. It is one of the best ways to protect them from fire, damage, theft, and moisture.

As you can see, the law is really serious when it comes to guns and gun safety. Guns are deadly weapons, but they can also be used for your defense. The key is to make sure that you know how to handle it safely, and you know what to do to ensure that you and the members of your house are protected. There isn’t anything really that is more dangerous than a gun in the hands of someone that is not trained on gun safety. Make sure that you take a look at the safety issues that come along with guns, and get a gun safe that is going to keep your gun locked away and out of the hands of the wrong person.

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