Do I Really Need a Gun Safe

While this question may seem like common sense to several of us, you might be surprised just how many people actually ask this question. Let me be perfectly clear on the matter. If you are a single man living by yourself in the middle of a forest and own a gun, you never know when an unwanted intruder could pay your home a visit while you are away from home. Yes, you really need a gun safe.

Regardless if we are talking about a single gun you own solely for the purpose of protection, or you are an avid collector who buys and sells firearms on a regular basis, your guns need to be stored away in a locked safe when not in use.

This statement only intensifies when there are young children or even irresponsible adults in the picture. We all have a 2nd amendment right and we’re all responsible for protecting that right. With every accident or theft that puts a weapon in the hands of someone with ill intentions, Congress and protesters are given one more reason to raise their voices.

So, once again just to be clear on the issue. If you own a gun, it needs to be stored in a locked gun safe of some kind. The rest of the article will be used to answer a few questions you may have when it comes to investing and maintaining a gun safe.

1. What if my current safe is failing and no longer provides the protection I need?

While this issue is rare, it has been known to come up from time to time. One characteristic that every safe manufactured from a leading brand has in common is its intention, which is to provide defense and security from someone else being able to access your gun,

If what you are currently using is able to be either penetrated or broken, then it is simply no longer a gun safe. This is another reason for doing research on the brand and style of safe you will be investing in. As a gun owner, you’re responsible for buying a safe built with a quality structure and has multiple storage options.

A gun safe is never something that should be purchased on impulse. Take your time researching exactly what it is that you want and make sure it is built for defense and not looks. One feature that is always a must is a gun safe that is drill proof. While you may think to yourself, “no one would take the time needed to drill through to my gun,” trust me, they will.

2. Any idea on the which gun safe is right for me?

While it’s difficult to just suggest a specific gun safe for someone without knowing the details of their situation and surroundings, we have put together a small list of some of the more significant attributes you will want to focus on.

The ideal safe will be manufactured with a strong and durable build, protecting it from any damage that may be created by portable equipment, hammers, or any other tools that an intruder may have with them.

Every high quality safe will have fire protection of some kind, especially if you are looking for a larger safe that will hold more than just your firearms. You will want to purchase a safe that guarantees at least 30 minutes of fire protection from at least a 1200 degree Fahrenheit flame.

The amount of storage a safe provides is a significant factor that needs to be taken into consideration. You need to think about the number of guns you currently have and any plans you have of expanding your collection in the future. You may also want to put some thought into any other small valuable or documents you will want to protect in the safe.

Make sure you purchase a safe with a locking system that you are comfortable with. Your choices will range from a system backed by solid deadbolts all the way up to a fingerprint scanner. Whichever safe you decide to buy, make sure that you can unlock the safe quickly in case the need of an emergency arises.

3. Why should I invest in a gun safe?

Besides the obvious reason of gun safety, there are a couple of other reasons that may not cross the mind of the gun owner. Yes, a safe will keep your weapon out of the hands of children and anyone else who hasn’t received the proper training for handling the gun.

Storing your guns in a safe will also help prevent corrosion from eating away at the steel throughout your weapon. A high-quality safe creates a humid free environment for your firearm, prolonging both the life and value of the gun.

By keeping your weapon stored in a locked safe, you also prevent the opportunity for your gun to be damaged. A gun being dropped or falling over while leaning, or being misplaced on a hanging rack can create permanent damage to the firearm as well as take away from its beauty and value.

Your specific reason for investing in a gun safe will play a role in the brand and style you purchase. If you have small children in your home or live in an area where you feel added protection is necessary, you will not want the same type of safe that someone with a huge collection looking to protect their guns from simple wear and tear.

Due to the many makes and models, styles, and sizes of gun safes available today, addressing the matter of the reason behind your safe will start limiting the list of safes that would be a good fit for you.

4. What you need to consider when buying your gun safe

The information we have provided so far is a great start at getting your list of gun safes slimmed down to what you want. By now, you should already have some ideas of what you are and aren’t interested in. Here are a few more elements to consider that will shorten your list even more.

Locking system

Generally speaking, there are three different styles and types of locking systems to choose from when buying a safe. These include an electronic keypad, mechanical lock, and biometric. Here are some specifics about each that you will need to know before buying.

  • Electronic keypad: This style of locking system will typically be powered by nine-volt batteries. With one of these locks, you will have the ability to make changes to your selected combination as well have quick access to your weapons. Your safe will automatically open once the numeric combination to the safe has been entered.
  • Mechanical lock: This locking system will not include any electrical parts or a source of power. In order for the safe to be opened, a numeric combination must be dialed on a wheel that is turned by hand.
  • Biometric lock: These locking systems provide the quickest entrance into a safe with the use of biological Gunvault-Biometric-Gun-Safe technology. Or, in layman’s terms, the safe can not be opened without the fingerprint of the owner. You will have immediate access to what is inside your safe by simply placing your finger tip on the safe’s scanner.

Thickness of the door

By investing in a gun safe with a thicker and more rigid door, you are providing yourself with even more protection against someone with intentions of prying their way into your safe. You are able to add even more protection by purchasing a gun safe that has a door made up of several pieces of steel instead of one solid piece. This prevents against any bending that with enough force, could allow entrance inside the safe.

Remember, the majority of thieves and intruders looking to get inside your safe will make their attack on the safe’s door. A common recommendation that is given to avid gun collectors is a door that is no less than 5/16 of an inch thick.

Ratings concerning fire ratings

On average, the flames within a house fire will reach as high as 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. It is difficult for the temperatures to exceed this temperature due to the windows of the home being blown out and holes that are created throughout the roof of the home. But, due to the amount of time it can take for emergency workers to arrive at the scene, it’s better to provide yourself with as much time as possible.

The rating of the safe concerning fire resistance is based on the number of minutes before any of the elements throughout the inside of the safe reach the flashpoint temperature, sometimes lower than 350 degrees. You will want to purchase a safe that provides as much time as possible before this temperature is reached internally.

So there you have it. Throughout this article, we have provided you with some specific information in regards to investing in a gun safe, without pushing our favorite brand or model on you. As previously mentioned, never buy a gun safe simply because it has caught your eye and you have decided you want one.

Yes, if you own a gun, you need to have it properly stored inside of a locked safe. But be sure to spend some time reviewing this information and looking at the specific qualities and features of each one before making a decision.

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