10 Best Gun Safe Reviews 2017 – Do NOT buy before reading this!

The most valuable gun safes are a place to store firearms within a home or business, in order to provide protection against unwanted intruders or someone with intentions of doing some serious physical harm. One issue that is growing in popularity among gun owners is the vast number of gun safes produced by many manufacturers that are now on the market.

We have compiled years of research and the opinions of several experts to create a guide intended to provide you with some feedback you will want to know before purchasing a gun safe. Each review is made up of insight that will inform you in areas such as the safety features and the specific benefit they provide.

Cream of the Crop: Paragon Lock & Safe – Eight Rifle Safe Cabinet

This gun safe sets itself above the rest with its pure elegance. It not only provides amazing aesthetics, it also has enough storage space to house eight guns that reach around 47” inches in length. One of the most significant features of this gun safe is the locking cabinet on the inside, complete with its own individual locking mechanism.

Other features include:

  • A top-quality 18-gauge powder coating which provides a stronger defense.
  • A stronger and higher resistance to theft due to hidden hinges.
  • This gun safe is practically impenetrable due to its solid steel build and frame.
  • Your rifles will be well cushioned during storage due to the gray mat provided in the bottom of the safe.

If you have several long guns in your collection, this is the ideal gun safe for you. Jewelry, ammunition and other small valuables will be well protected inside the interior storage box built into the safe. This gun safe isn’t just a piece of furniture, it’s an investment you will use throughout the rest of your life, providing the ultimate protection for both small valuables and your firearm collection against invaders.

Greatest Value: Barska Large Biometric Rifle Safe

When purchasing a Barska Biometric safe, you are buying the only protection you will need for your rifles. There is enough room for up to 12 rifles within each of the individual removable, internal racks for storage. The user is the only person who will be granted access to inside the safe, due to the built-in fingerprint technology.

Other features include:

  • A memory system that can store up to 120 programmed fingerprints.
  • Maximum protection from intruders with a locking system made up of five solid deadbolts.
  • The most delicate small valuables will be protected with a cushioned material lining the inside of the safe.
  • The valuables inside of this safe are guaranteed safe from unauthorized users due to a solid steel frame and build.

The Barska Large Biometric Rifle Safe uses a combination of a top-quality build and up to date technology, providing you with a more intelligent method of storing your firearms and other small valuables. This safe makes it possible to store a large number of rifles, plus several pistols or handguns to optimize the safety of your collection.

#3 Recommendation: Bighorn 19ECB Gun Safe

This safe has quickly become the complete representation of a gun safe when it comes to a top quality defensive build. The threat of being pried or hacked into is nonexistent due to a steel shell that is 2.75 mm thick. This safe has been designed and built to store a large number of rifles, documents, pistols, and other valuables comfortably. This gun safe provides the maximum protection possible with its heavy structure and build.

Other features include:

  • A quality defense which is second to none with a steel front measuring 1.5” thick and overall thickness of 4.75”.
  • A door that is completely secure due to its eight, 1” diameter door bolts.
  • Complete with fire protection that is guaranteed in up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Because of the heavy build of this safe, it has been designed for gun collectors to store a massive collection of guns inside until they are needed for protection or defense. This investment will provide you with maximum protection possible for your firearm collection.

#4 Recommendation: Steelwater Standard Duty 16 Safe

This gun safe in one magnificent tower of capabilities when it comes to the defense of your gun collection. Because of the double-bitted bypass key, you will never find yourself locked out of your own gun safe. The safe has plenty of room for up to nine rifles and is perfect for storing additional valuables and ammunition due to the extra internal compartments.

Other features include:

  • Added security from the EMP proof electronic system that enables the lock system.
  • Safe from the most severe circumstances and conditions with nine individual 1” diameter locking bolts made of steel.
  • A 4” thick safe door that is completely ballistic and drill proof.
  • This safe is fireproof in up to 1550 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning this gun safe is not going to crack under any amount of stress or pressure.

If you are a gun collector in search of a safe that has a built in auto release bypass system, look no further. This is the safe for you. It not only has defensive capabilities that are top of the line, it’s also one of the most durably built safes on the market.

#5 Recommendation: Winchester Ranger Deluxe 19-11-E Gun Safe

This safe is not only huge, it is manufactured with 12-gauge steel which is fire resistant of up to 1400 degree Fahrenheit flames for one hour before there is any significant damage. The safe has room for up to 24 rifles and also provides enough space for protecting other items such as handguns, valuables, and ammunition.

Other features include:

  • The safe is not only secured with 10 individual 1.25”, solid steel locking bolts, it also includes a four-way locking system to keep out any unwanted intruders.
  • Is practically impossible to drill into, courtesy of being made with a state of the art drill resistance.
  • This safe is completely protected from flames for at least an hour due to a door constructed out of three layers of fireboard and two layers throughout the rest of the safe’s body.

This safe is a great investment for a collector that is looking to secure a large size collection with a safe that is not only completely drill resistant, but also fire proof. It is one of the more durable made safes on the market that provides owners with ultimate protection.

#6 Recommendation: Stack-On Tactical Security Cabinet

This safe is built with an intelligent design that allows it to provide storage for two tactical rifles and as many as 14 standard rifles. It is constructed with three shelves that are removable, cleverly placed where they can be removed in order to provide maximum storage space. The safe also provides many durabilities which give it the opportunity to absorb punishment against being pried or broken into.

Other features include:

  • Maximum protection against intruders with a lock that has been key coded as part of a three-point locking system.
  • Includes adjustable barrel rests which can be maneuvered to provide security for heavier tactical equipment that requires more space than a standard rifle.
  • The upper areas of the safe are able to transform into smaller storage areas for smaller valuables and other items.

This safe has been approved by the California Justice Department as high-standard equipment for storing weapons. This provides all of the reason you need to justify picking up a safe that gives all of the protection you need for your weapons and other valuables.

#7 Recommendation: Sportsman Buffalo 32 Long Capacity Gun Safe

When purchasing this safe, you can have peace of mind knowing your safe is both a top quality build as well as being fire resistant in flames as hot as 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 40 minutes. This safe has the ability to store as many as 32 guns, as well as several pouches along the side of the door for storing either ammunition or additional handguns.

Other features include:

  • 32 organizers for your rifles, 11 individual pockets that are perfect for handguns and ammo, six zipper pockets, along with holders for six pistols.
  • Guns are protected by a three spoked handle operating a 14-gauge door for maximum security.
  • The pre-drilled hole makes it possible to attach a light fixture in order to increase visibility throughout the safe.
  • Safe is protected with two keys along with a combination code accessed through a keypad.

The size of this safe makes it possible to store and protect your guns in an organized way with easy access. With a defense that is among the very best in the business that has been thoroughly checked for quality, you are buying a safe that ensures safety against both drilling weapons and prying tools.

#8 Recommendation: Steelwater Extreme Duty 45 Long Gun

This humongous safe not only looks strong, it is built solid with 9-gauge steel and an additional ¼ inch of steel through the door, providing an incredible amount of defense for the owner. The safe protects up to 45 rifles or long guns and provides a gigantic area for storing an entire armory of weapons.

Other features include:

  • Pry and hack attempts are impossible due to the gear drive system that comes with this safe.
  • The door, gear drive system, and safe itself are protected against drills by an 8 X Hardplate tech.
  • Any breakage is prevented by a double sided U channel throughout the safe.

This is the ideal safe for anyone looking to add to their collection and is currently limited on space. When it comes to protection, this safe provides the strongest line of defense concerning protection and provides up to 120 minutes of fire resistance.